April Blue
April Blue - Cutest of the Cute
After having had to endure the amazing Vander last week, I am afraid I have more torture for you this week in the form of the lovely April. She insisted on squeezing into her old school uniform for her, "Casting" as she seemed to be under the impression that this would in some way better her chances of passing the strict protocols that are part and parcel of a Jim Slip casting. Members will know that these rules include: 1/ Being very pretty, 2/ Being able to draw breath, 3/ errm, there's no No 3! Anyway, April burst through the , "Doors of Shame" complete with her sexy uniform and the biggest pair of pouty lips I have ever seen! She had even put on SEAMED STOCKINGS and KILLER HEELS! It took all of my self control to hold the camc...

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